About us

Meet the dynamic trio behind Tirana City Escape – Arend, Martin, and Regina!

Arend, a restless wanderer from Rotterdam, has a penchant for exploring new places and has lived in various corners of the Netherlands and the world. His love for Albania led him to own an apartment in Tirana while pursuing his passion for vintage furniture, refurbishing and selling them with finesse.

Martin, the analytical mind from Gouda, is not only a data analyst but also a fervent enthusiast of board games. His dedication to the craft has taken him to the prestigious European Championships of board games, all the while nurturing his affection for the captivating beauty of Albania.

Regina, the talented photographer and creative soul, complements her hubby’s (Martin) passions with her own love for Albania and board games. She also finds solace in expressing her artistic side through drawing and painting.

Together, they discovered the allure of Albania years ago on a road trip, and since then, they have been drawn back to the enchanting country multiple times a year.